Pictory.Ai Full Review and Tutorial

Pictory.Ai Full Review and Tutorial

This is my Pictory review and full in-depth tutorial on how to use it. Get 20% OFF your Pictory subscription by using coupon code ”PEC”.
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Pictory is an alternative to Vidnami, it helps you create high-quality video by using a script, article or even other people video.

In this Pictory tutorial, I show you how to come up with scripts, audio, text-to-speech and even syncing voice-over. I also show you how to use Murf Ai for natural sounding voice.

IF you want the review, watch my full Murf Ai review here:

How to Make YouTube Video Playlist:


0:00 Intro
1:13 Article to Video
5:24 Visual to Video
7:18 Edit Videos with Voice using Text (Transcription)
8:11 Pictory Transcription
12:21 Script to Video
14:13 Changing Visuals
15:31 Adding Audio
16:27 Pictory & Text to Speech
18:48 Background Music & Upload Audio
19:43 Sync Entire Voice-over
20:30 Adjusting Voice-over
24:48 Readjusting the Visuals
25:47 Styles and Export
26:45 The End Result
29:18 Pictory Coupon 20% Off
30:25 What's more

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