How Ahref or SEMRush Calculates Organic Traffic

How Ahref or SEMRush Calculates Organic Traffic

How Ahref or SEMRush Calculates Organic Traffic

One day a client asked me:

How SEMRush calculates the traffic and I said


SEMrush has a huge amount of data of keywords for which we are ranking in Google.

They also have the Search Volume for those keywords and positions.

So by using the CTR Case Study –

They Calculate the approximate traffic a website gets.

For example,

One website is ranking for pos #1 for a keyword which has 90 monthly search volumes.

Now a website ranking at pos #1 has a 33 Percent chance of getting the visits.

Hence, .33*90= 30 visits per month the website mush be getting for that keyword.

Now, they do this math for all the ranking keywords and come up with a number that gives them an Approximate Traffic volume of a website.

Hope this helps.


some people look good really on sharing
with you how to suggest a distinguished
templates the organic traffic the one
that the graph that we're seeing right
in front of you, this is not the only
really might be calculating but at least
ahrefs does and do not find the document
of s cameras but I think we also used
this technique to plot this organic
traffic chart so what they basically do
is we all know that they have a huge and
what a great keywords for which our
website ranks right so they have this
data they also have the collision and
they also have the volume so what they
basically do is they apply this CD and
a technique like this CPR technique
actually tells us that a website is
ranking on position one can get tests
like 32 versions of a chance to contend
with it so for example a website so for
example the website so someone is typing
this keyboard rhyming cinematic advice
it has a search volume of 90 entering
information one so based on this like it
has thirty to thirty so consider that
every person studies in per cent chance
of getting a visit so if we have thirty
three per cent of ninety it will come
around to something like thirty minutes
right approximately how to visit so so
they've got an idea on this website that is
getting around 20 visits through this
key one and the same goes for all the
other clips
so for example they will calculate it
for the next key one as well so for
algorithm all here because ninety mall
you Felicia is three so they will have
the formula is over site ranking for third
position as by ten doesn't seem here so
for this keyword
it might get around its ten percent
right in just nine visits all right so
that's how they add up the total volume
and it's how we get this particular
graph so I did a quick look at
is an actual document on the same thing
and I did find out on a jet have so they
have pretty mentioned pretty
straightforward that we put every
keyword into Google and check the
relation and then we take an estimated
monthly traffic from Google's an account
and I'm flying and calculating how much
toxic they taking so if the first
position receive 30 per cent of all the
traffic then the keyword is searched full 20
times a month
then what's the twenty-two point three
six weeks six is so there is how they
come up with the this particular chart
right so it's not that they have some
cookies install from there it's not
them they have some of the ways of
finding the traffic it just since they
have a huge amount of this data keywords
for which your ranking for they use that
and multiplied with the search volume
and position when you get the estimated
traffic so and that's the reason why the
Institute's discrepancy like they don't
have the access they don't if and we don't
actually have complete access to all the
evils for you to hang strikes in
venomous so you will always find here is
different descriptions with sometimes
between the actual traffic in the
traffic shmurda tools and hence we
should be using this indicator just as
a reference of good reference almost any
how much time image and so I hope this
video helps you understand how to
suggest a chair and SMS calculates
organic traffic.

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